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Are you interested in volunteering with us, or attending one of our future trainings? Please click the link below and fill out the form in its entirety:


Want us to lead a workshop for your campus or community event? Send us an email at [email protected] volunteers can come to your campus, conference, or organization. Contact us at [email protected] for scheduling, cost, or other information. Workshops can last for 1-3 hours or longer depending on your group’s needs.

Here are the workshops we offer:

So your friend is having an abortion. How can you help?

Whether due to location, time or availability you may not have had the opportunity to attend one of our abortion support trainings. This workshop will assist you in building your abortion doula skills in order to provide non-medical support to people having abortions. We’ll outline how to provide physical, emotional, informational, and spiritual support and brainstorm ideas for offering each of these kinds of support in your community.


BASC: A Case Study on Decolonizing Organizations - POC (People of Color) led

This interactive workshop is framed around the story of how BASC shifted from a primarily white leadership and volunteer base to a collective led by people of color, gender variant people, queer people and immigrants with strong support from white accomplices.  We will offer a brief overview of our history and share strategies around reclaiming spaces for black, indigenous, and people of color with attention to relational building, affinity spaces and organizing against oppressive dynamics.


Reproductive Justice 101 - POC led

Meet BASC and learn how we use a reproductive justice lens in our abortion work. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn the differences between reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice and you'll build skills to identify reproductive justice issues.


Abortion Values Clarification

In this workshop, BASC members will discuss how we provide free, non-judgmental, and empowering support for people experiencing abortion and will share an abortion values clarification activity, which is useful for learning more about the intersecting issues affecting abortion and anybody who may be providing support to people experiencing abortion.



Given the current political climate’s impact on abortion access, and its messaging around abortion and bodily rights, the number of requests for support continues to increase. Our reach is spreading, but we are limited by our finances.

Click on the "Donate" button below to be taken to PayPal and you will note that the organization listed will appear as “Peace Development Fund/Boston Abortion Support Collective” to allow your gift to be properly deposited to our account. Because your donation will be processed through the Peace Development Fund, our sponsor, your donation will be tax deductible.

If you would prefer to write a check, please make it out to PDF/Boston Doula Project (Boston Doula Project is our old name, but your check must be made out to this name for now for it to reach BASC) and mail it to:

Boston Doula Project

P.O. Box 123

Quincy, MA 02170

Thank you for participating in sustaining our work. Your contribution enables the Boston Abortion Support Collective to fulfill its mission of providing free, compassionate, and empowering support for people experiencing abortion.


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